This Week in Music Class-March 10

Happy Monday Everyone!!! I hope everyone is up bright and early today… The only good thing about losing that hour of sleep is that it’s a sure sign that spring is finally on its way!!! March is Music in Our Schools Month, and while I was surfing around the web this past week I found this clip. It’s Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel, and The Roots singing “Let it Go” from Frozen using classroom music instruments!!! Awesome in so many ways 🙂 I especially love the triangle and the multicolored glockenspiel!!! Check this out:

How much fun was that???!! In other music happenings… In class this week we’re talking about our next composers, and learning our first piano song that has chords… Plus continuing to get those pesky bass clef notes!! Busy, busy week!! For extra credit this week, fill out the form below and tell me what your favorite classroom music instrument is 🙂

Mrs. Kelley

Flash Mob at Boston’s MFA

I know I wasn’t going to post again until after vacation, but… I found this amazing video of a flash mob last week by Berklee School of Music students at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you can appreciate the beautiful voices (in a beautiful space). You can read the full article on here.

This comment from the article struck me in particular…

The choir rehearsed twice together and then the whole group, including strings and singer Mark Joseph, a 20-year-old Berklee student, practiced together on Friday.

Wow… the choir rehearsed twice, and the whole group only once… Wow again…

Have a happy and wonderful vacation… See you next year!!

Updated: A parent just sent me the link to another Flash Mob, this one the Air Force Band at the Smithsonian!! Enjoy!

Wildcat Music in the News!!

Check out radio station WROR, 105.7’s Marching Band of the Week!!! Our very own (and very awesome… with the BEST COLOR GUARD EVER, even if they’re not on the video)… Wildcat Marching Band!!!! Yeah!!!

Extra Credit: Come and tell me what instrument the radio host learned to play while with the Wilmington Wildcat Marching Band 🙂 and you’ll get extra credit for watching the videos 🙂