This Week in Music Class – October 28

Well, the time is finally here!!! This week we’re putting the melody and the chords together!! We’re playing the traditional folk song “Skip to my Lou” with the melody in the right hand, and the chords in the left hand!! We’re also still working on note and rhythm reading to help us when we start our own songwriting very soon.

I hope you’ve noticed the new feature over on the right hand side-bar… When students enter and leave music class, there will be music playing. Last week, in honor of the start of the World Series we were listening to “The Red Sox Album” performed by the Boston Pops, and conducted by Keith Lockhart.  Over on the sidebar will be an image from the album and a little information about the composer.  Check it out every week!! There’s also a new page called “Listen to This!” (you can find it on the top menu bar) where I’ll list what we’ve listened to so far this year. This is in addition to the “normal” composers that we learn about through the year.

The Middle School “Word of the Week” this week is Irony. And, as the music teacher, you probably would expect me to link to the song “Ironic” by Alanis Morrisette. Although the song contains more “not-irony” than irony (best count I’ve seen is that she included 11 claims of ironic situations, and 2 are actually ironic)… Maybe that’s the irony… The song called “Ironic” that doesn’t actually contain irony 🙂

Mrs. Kelley