This Week in Music Class – October 15

I hope everyone enjoyed their long Columbus Day weekend!!! This is my favorite time of year, starting to get cool out, AND you get foliage!!! We’re so lucky to be in New England!!  This week in Music Class, we’ll be learning more about rhythm and how it works, fitting lyrics to various rhythms and also learning about our next composers!!

This week, our “Word of the Week” at the Middle School is THEME. Theme and Variations is a popular form of music, where a composer takes a “song” or a piece of music, and then changes that song, or music to create a related variation on the theme.  Listen to this recording of American Composer Charles Ives’ “Variations on America” where he took the folk song “America” as his Theme, and created variations based on the tune… How many different versions do you hear?

Mrs. Kelley