Welcome to Middle School Music!

It’s so exciting to be starting a new school year!! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to getting back to music.


Reminder: by now, all students should have brought in 3 things for class.

  • A folder that can stay in class to keep all worksheets and other work together in class.
  • Headphones (don’t have to be anything fancy, dollar store are fine).
  • A pencil, this can also live in your folder if you have trouble remembering to bring one.

We are busy getting ready to play piano, learn to read and write music, and, term 2, play the guitar!! We have an exciting year ahead!!

Extra Credit: If you have an extra box of tissues or bottle of hand sanitizer at home, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d bring one to school for class. I am happy to give extra credit to any student who helps out this way! We have 250 students coming though class, and the tissues and hand sanitizer would go to very good use!